The Use Of Harmonies In Therapeutic Sound Healing

Archaeological discoveries worldwide have been interpreted to show that certain types of sound and harmonies can provide ultimate healing. This theory is currently regarded as one of the newest trends in health in the year 2022.

Have you ever pondered the mechanics of hearing and why we have two ears to do so? Every time we try to take in our surroundings, we face a new set of noises, whether it be the ticking of a clock, the hum of a smartphone, the song of a bird, the rustle of leaves, or the blaring of your favorite rock musician in concert. Sound waves and vibrations from all directions fill the air around you. Invisible as sound is, it takes on a visual quality as we describe its rhythmic smoothness or roughness in language that suggests we can see it.

Archaeological evidence confirms what modern studies have found: sounds and music have been valued for their restorative and healing properties for millennia. It has been documented throughout history that Greek doctors would play instruments like flutes, lyres, and zithers while tending to their patients. They used vibration therapy to help with digestion, calm anxious minds, and put people to sleep. Aristotle suggested that the sound of a flute may bring about strong feelings and purify the listener’s mind in his seminal work. Considering it that way, we can see that the power of sound is much greater than we give it credit for. The use of sound for therapeutic purposes is widely accepted as the norm in 2022. Here is a complete guide to staying updated on the new trend of harmonic healing!

What Is the Technology Behind the Harmonic Healing Egg?

Our resonant chamber is cutting-edge technology in energy healing; it uses acoustics and resonance to maximize the healing potential of sound and different light hues by surrounding the user in a soothing environment that harmonizes with their own vibration and corrects any underlying vibrational imbalances. This cutting-edge innovation can affect a person down to the molecular level. Ancient and quantum science, integrative and modern medical research, and the personal experiences of those who have used the Harmonic Egg to practice energy medicine provide the foundation for this practice’s scientific and experiential credibility.

Science from the field of resonance and knowledge from the field of sacred geometry come together in the Harmonic Egg. Light, color, music, frequency, and vibration are all used in this holistic energy therapy to stimulate the body’s innate capacity for healing and equilibrium.

Patented technology called the Harmonic Egg creates a profound sonic environment for its users. Designed in the shape of a dodecahedron, it uses Tesla geometry, sacred geometry, and the Golden Mean Ratio in its construction.

The Harmonic Healing Egg Design 

The Harmonic Egg is a sound sphere (spheroid/ellipsoid) whose qualities may be adjusted to adapt to different acoustic environments. It creates an optimal sonic environment for the body and nervous system, facilitating the cleansing procedure and boosting harmonic healing. No wireless networks or Bluetooth devices are used inside the Harmonic Egg, making for a completely unplugged and organic experience. Additionally, high-specification speakers are integrated into its design to provide crystal-clear sound. The music played inside is exclusive of CD quality (as opposed to MP3 quality). Combined with its acoustic features, this can make it possible to construct a musical instrument on the scale of a building that is adaptable enough to be performed by humans. 

The resonant chamber creates the illusion of a total solar eclipse with a dual-color light source emanating from below the reclining chair and the center of the ceiling. The lighting system was planned to provide illumination over the entire color spectrum. Inside, it uses mercury-free LED lighting.

Comfortable and roomy (around the size of a big automobile), the Harmonic Egg won’t make even the most claustrophobic travelers uncomfortable. The spacious room (with the door open measures 3,35m x 3,35m x 2,13m) allows visitors to recline in comfort in a zero gravity chair without having to lie flat on the floor.

What Is the Experience Like for Harmonic Healing?

With each visit to the resonance chamber, the client will have the same consistent, repeatable, and carefully controlled experience provided by a highly skilled wellness practitioner. In any case, it’s one-of-a-kind (no two experiences are alike). Furthermore, the client enters the Harmonic Egg independently of the wellness practitioner’s physical or emotional state. Because this is an energy healing technique, no direct human contact is necessary.

Utilizing the Harmonic Egg to enhance sensory perception will facilitate re-alignment and cutting-edge energy healing. During your session, you may feel at ease knowing that you won’t have to remove any of your clothes and will be in a quiet, calm setting. Your inner child and authentic self (higher self) will emerge, and you will have a strong bond with them again. Although many patients report improvement after just one or two sessions, others value the therapy so highly that they schedule monthly follow-ups. 

Why and How to Use Harmonic Healing for Therapy

The why and how of employing harmonies in therapy are easy to understand. Harmonics are a universally understandable representation of the kind of opening or elevating experience we all hope to have. Relaxation, joy, openness, and clarity can all be accessed through the harmonics of music. As a result, they are simple to incorporate into practice, enriching the listener’s experience. This can substantially improve our method of practice or therapeutic framework by combining different forms of meditation, inner states of awareness, or emotional processing.

Quartz crystal singing bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, drums, flutes, bells, chimes, tuning forks, and so on are only some instruments that can be utilized for harmonizing sounds. Simply having the client hit two crystal bowls or tuning forks together can help them unwind. This alone can help you feel less stressed and more relaxed right away. A complicated collection of musical notes and instruments is unnecessary for effective sound healing. By utilizing harmonics to produce luscious, lovely sounds, one can use those sounds as a focal point around which to center oneself and deepen one’s meditation. 


Sound healing can be experienced in a non-mysterious way, but it can also be. Stories abound of people whose lives were changed forever after exposure to the resonant vibrations of a gong or crystal singing bowl. Utilizing sound as a means to promote health is easily grasped and performed. To the untrained eye, sound healing is a fantastic practice with no basis in reality. The physics principles, however, state that all sounds have resonance and produce vibrations.


This suggests that sound can affect more than just our auditory system. People are continually looking for novel applications of effective and empathic technologies to better people’s lives in a meaningful, healthy way. The health benefits of these three amazing facts about sound healing will be seen in 2022.